Boling Janitorial Service, Inc. is an old well established company that dates back over 50
years in the greater Lansing community.  > Richard Boling originally founded the
company and, in 1985, sold it to its current owner, Mr. Thomas J. Eppinga.  Since the
company had a good, solid reputation, Mr. Eppinga retained the name, Boling Janitorial
Service.  The company has grown considerably since 1985, and now
serves a much more diverse base of customers in the entire mid-Michigan community. It
is a full service company providing commercial cleaning, floor care, window cleaning and
construction clean-up.

Mr. Eppinga is the president and sole stock holder of the company.  He has a bachelor of
Science Degree in Business Administration.  For nine years, he was the chief financial
officer of a multi-million dollar company in Lansing.  Mr. Eppinga has been involved in the
Lansing business community since 1967 in different capacities.  He is a long time
member of Rotary, a past president of Rotary and has attained the status of a Paul Harris
Fellow in Rotary.  He is the past president of the board of Woldumar Nature Center, and
has served the community in different aspects over the years. In addition to Mr. Eppinga,
there is Tracy VanAlstine, our Human Resource Manger, Tammy Thompson, our office
manager, and Steve Algrim, our sales associate. Coupled with all our supervisors and
workers, we at Boling Janitorial Service, Inc., are people serving people standing ready to serve any and all
our customers’ needs as a team effort.

Boling Janitorial Service, Inc. is a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the
Lansing Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary.

Boling Janitorial Service, Inc.
Since 1955
450 Lentz Ct.
Lansing, MI 48901
Ph:  (517)372-3348
Fax: (517)372-1816